Squirrels Gone Nutz March Hop!!!

My favorite crafty friends and I are back again with another installment of Squirrels Gone Nutz, where we challenge ourselves to use the stash we have squirreled away by working with monthly theme and supply or technique. This month’s prompt is Green with Specialty Paper! Fun, right? So, so many possibilities! My son’s birthday is coming up in April and coincidentally green is his favorite color, so it seemed silly not to use this theme as an opportunity to make his birthday card (and before the eve of his birthday, like usual… LOL). I’m kicking off today’s hop, then up next is the uber talented Tasha Davies. I will provide the full hop link below in case you get lost.

I have no shortage of specialty papers since I buy them and never use them. I have textured, glitter, vellum, foil, mirror, shimmer, rubber, foam, corrugated, and mesh, just to name some. I also have handmade mulberry paper, wood, metal, vinyl, specialty wrapping papers and wallpaper. You name it, and I probably got some hiding in my paper stash! So, I decided to use a few different kinds and make a diagonal striped background in his favorite colors… lime green, black, and silver. I did his card in those same colors last year and did a geometric design you can see HERE. This year’s card looks completely different!

I used green mirror cardstock, green shimmer cardstock, silver embossed specialty wrapping paper, and black textured cardstock to create a pattern that starts in the middle and alternates out to each end. The shimmer cardstock is subtle, and not at all glittery. Think more metallic. Now to make this a birthday card, I used the Happy Birthday die. The shadow layer was cut from vellum to allow the fun pattern to show through but also to help the word layer pop off the background. The words were cut from more of the embossed wrapping paper. It has such a cool texture to the touch and the shine is amazing! If this card wasn’t for a 20 year old guy, I’d have added some bling or epoxy dots or something, but I know you will understand that the masculine half of our species doesn’t understand embellishments. Shoot, we’re lucky they tolerate cards! Ha!!! Here is another look at the finishes of these papers:

I’m so eager for you to see the amazing creations from my Squirrel Gang… they are truly some of the most talented ladies, and they always find a way to up their game for these hops. I am so fortunate to call them my friends as they inspire me to better myself and are just so sweet and supportive. Here’s the full line up so you can go see all the adorable and/or beautiful cards they made this month. And if you are just finding us for the first time this month, check out #squirrelsgonenutz to see all the previous creations at a glance!

Thanks so much for visiting and then hopping along! We appreciate you so much!!!


13 comments on “Squirrels Gone Nutz March Hop!!!

  1. It looks so great Karen !!! Love all the textures ! I am sure your son will love it !


  2. Such a stunning card, Karen!! All the different textures, the shimmer and shine…so gorgeous! I am sure your son will love it!


  3. Ah-mazing card Karen!! Its CAS but makes such a huge impact! Your son will love it go sure!


    • Thank you my dear friend!!! I’m not sure with how busy the background is that if classifies as CAS but it definitely has impact! Let’s hope you are right and he likes it! Now to remember in 3 weeks that I already have a card for him! LOL


  4. I love this! It’s so happy and shiny! And you’re right: completely different from last year! Loving all the textures to the paper! Amazing job!!!!


  5. Ooooooohhhhh!!!!! So shiny!!! 🤩🤩🤩

    Wonderful card Karen! I love that you used a wide range of different effects for your speciality card!
    Also, I laughed so hard when I read
    ‘I have no shortage of specialty papers since I buy them and never use them’
    that I lowkey SNORTED 🐷 bahahahahaha!!!

    Then when I got to the last bit you gone and made me cry! You are so sweet, wonderful, caring and talented, doing these hops with you is an honour my friend. 🥰

    Ps I really hope your son likes his card?? 🥳❤


  6. This is very cool! All the different finishes and textures really make this card fantastic! 🙂



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