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Some of you know that I have only one child, a son that means more to me than life itself. What you may not know about me is that I also have almost a dozen “adopted” children, the result of being Band Mom to a high school marching band. Though the 4 years I gave my time, blood, sweat, and tears to the band I became close to more than 300 of the best teenagers / young adults you could ever meet. And of those, there are some who have become family to me. This card goes to one of my adopted sons who just turned 19. I am especially proud of this young man as he is the first in his family to graduate high school, and he is currently enrolled in college to obtain a degree in Computer Sciences. To commemorate the occasion I created this card for my boy Jacob.

This card was difficult to photograph between the 2 colors of mirror card stock and the piece of acetate for the window! Forgive me for posting several shots so you piece together what this card looks like IRL!

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The card design is a Silhouette cut file, #78049, by Snapdragon Snippets. I used green mirror card stock for the base which shines up through the green top layer to make it look even more like a computer motherboard. I used silver mirror card stock for the “happy” to contrast with the rest of the design. For an inside sentiment I used two stamps from My Favorite Thing’s Anything But Basic Birthday Wishes set (mouthful!!!). As part of the Silhouette design, there is a mock thumb drive which I cut from matching card stock and personalized with a “J” for Jacob. I tried to find one of those ball and chain key chains to attach it with but alas, I couldn’t find one in the junk drawer so I used silver cording instead to attach it.

MisplacedMojo.com MisplacedMojo.com

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10 comments on “Happy Birthday techie card

  1. What a lovely story, Karen! Thanks for sharing that part of your life with us. Your adopted son will be touched with your pretty card – it’s really a great image! I wish him all the best in his endeavors and am so proud of all the hard work he is putting forth to make a better life for himself! hugs, de


    • I delivered the card last night and the reaction was priceless! He’s such a modest guy, and couldn’t believe I would take the time to *make* him a card. First he thought it was store bought, which in itself is a nice complement, but when he found out I made it he went crazy with complements and questions. I’m super proud of him and will continue to tell him so and encourage him. He has the potential to be so much more than even is own family knows! I will be sure to pass on your sweet words of encouragement too!!! Stay tuned for a rather *different* card for yet another teenager that calls me mom despite being of no relation 😁


  2. It’s rally a fantastic card, Karen, and I think you did a wonderful job of photographing it, mirror paper and all ! I’m so glad you shared the story behind it and congrats to that young man. I have a few of those ‘adopted;’ kids from my years of part-time teaching at our local college and I love it when I hear from them. 😀


  3. Oh how cool is this technie card!! I think your design is amazing! You sound like a very proud mom as well you should be!! 🙂 Congrats to him!! Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely post about your band kids. This is a great card for the one in computer science. Thanks for sharing with us at Seize the Birthday.


    • Thank you so much for the kind words. Teenagers often get a bad rap, and especially after the millennial generation, I don’t think people have much hope for the future. I can tell you the future leaders will be former band kids and they will help keep the world a civilized place 😁


  5. Such a cool card! Love it! Thanks for joining CAS on Friday! Hugs Åsa


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