Squirrels Gone Nutz August Hop

Welcome back to the monthly hop where we share projects made with products we’ve ‘squirreled’ away using a monthly prompt and supply or technique. This month is a technique! Stitching!!! We’re wide open on interpretations in the Squirrel Gone Nutz group, so stitching could be cross stitching, machine sewing, faux stitching, die cuts with stitching marks around the edges, stamping that looks like stitching, or any other effect that looks like stitching. See, pretty wide ranging! The monthly prompt is Thank You cards, which is great as I needed a handful this month. With so many ways to achieve a stitched look, I’m sure you are going to see a wide assortment of thank you cards if you hop along with us. You should have arrived here from my sweet and sassy friend Marie Bingaman who has knocked it out of the park this month!!! Here is the full lineup in case you get lost along the way. There are only 6 of us, so the hop is something you can do in less than an hour and yet see so much inspiration!!!

I was super inspired by the technique this month and could have made dozens of cards if I had more time to get them done. Take a look at ALL the cards I made! 9 cards!!! Wowzers, right?!?

Let’s break down this big pile of cards into the different types so I can tell you how they were made.

This batch of 4 cards were the fastest to make. I used a set of dies from a company called Nellie’s and the set is called Star 3, which includes 6 dies… 3 that only cut holes and 3 that cut out coordinating star outlines so that if you used an outline and a hole die, you would have a star with holes along the edge. I only used the 3 hole making dies and I taped them together to make sure they stayed centered. I cut 4 panels and then proceeded to fill in the holes by backstitching with embroidery floss in 2 or 3 shades of a color family for an ombre effect. With only 3 stars per card front, these were fast to stitch up. I used a Thank You stamp from an old Inkadinkado called Thank You Words for the sentiment on each. I liked the CAS look to these and opted not to add any gems or embellishments as I felt it would throw off the clean and symmetrical look. But I did want to step this style of card up a bit and get a little funky with the design so next I made these:

This set of 4 were made with a die set from My Favorite Things called Stitchable Dot Circle Stax. This set includes 5 dies and they each only cut the holes and do not cut out any circle shapes. Once again I taped them together to keep them centered and created 4 card fronts by lining them up along the left side of the card front, hanging off for interest. For 3 of these cards I used the same ombre design idea using 5 colors each… which if I am being honest required a trip to the craft store as my floss collection was just not that robust… but it is now! As V said when I told her about my guilty shopping spree, I stocked up “in true squirrel fashion” which is absolutely true!!! 😆 LOL! It was so hard to not buy 1 of every color!!! Well, I now have enough floss squirreled away to cross stitch a bridge to heaven… let’s just hope I don’t need it soon cause I found out I don’t stitch too fast anymore! Where was I? … oh yes! As I was saying, I did several with the ombre design but I couldn’t resist making a rainbow version too!!! I added a stamped sentiment on each card front also from the Inkadinkado Thank You Words set. I really wanted to add epoxy dots or sequins to give the cards a little more sumpin’ sumpin’, (Someone please tell me where that expression came from… apparently Google has no idea either) but my embellishment collection isn’t that robust either and I struggled with where to add them anyway. In the end I decided to leave them as is or until I get to go embellishment shopping! 😉

I have owned this awesome Jumbo Stitch Alpha stamp set from Close to My Heart for years… like, from when I was still scrapbooking, cause I wanted to use it for titles on some of my scrapbook pages (which sadly hasn’t happened … yet). Once I got into card making, I couldn’t bear to part with the set even though I was no longer scrapbooking and the alpha’s were really too big for an A2 card. Then came along slimline cards and this set was PERFECT for this month’s technique!!! And THAT, my squirrel friends, is why crafters hoard supplies. Some day the perfect project will come along and that thing you saved for a decade or longer will finally have its day to shine!!! 😄 Using my MISTI I lined up the (frustratingly fiddly) alpha stamps to create my large THANK YOU sentiment. I stamped it using a light grey ink to make sure the dots would not be noticeable after stitching and then I used a paper piercing tool as there are no matching dies. While the sentiment makes a big visual impact, the card needed something else and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to show that you don’t need special stamps or dies designed for stitching. I used a couple of solid flower stamps from an old MFT set called Large Desert Bouquet and leaves from a couple different sets that went well together. I used my paper piercer to make holes and used coordinating floss to stitch some details on the flowers and leaves, including a french knot on the center of the flower. I love how this card turned out! Solid stamps lend themselves really well to the technique, but if you colored a line image first you could totally add stitched details to many floral stamps! If I was doing it again, I would have stamped the flowers and leaves on the panel with the sentiment so the stitching would be directly on the panel rather than on die cuts, but I didn’t want to mess up the panel after all that stitching and this way adds dimension. Here is a close up of the stitched details on the stamped die cuts:

That’s it for me, but there is SO much more to see and be inspired by! Be sure to continue along the hop and visit the soon to be craft-famous, Lounon from Craft-Me-Craft-Moi. This girl pumps out the most amazing content so you don’t want to skip her stop on the hop because its guaranteed to be spectacular!

Thanks so much for visiting!


11 comments on “Squirrels Gone Nutz August Hop

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  2. 9 CARDS!!!! DANG!!!! Great job!!!! I love how they all turned out! I might be particularly obsessed with the circles though. Must resist squirrelly urge to add to my stash!!!!


    • That is definitely the down side to these hops… seeing all the cool products others used to meet the theme. I’m coveting Lounon’s cross stitch cover die and hoping I can resist the squirrel urge to add it to my stash! 😉 The circle dies are super useful as even without stitching they make a great frame for a focal image or sentiment. I think it would cool to have a high contrast color underneath so the color shows through the holes. For the record, I didn’t intend to make 9 cards… I figured I’d mess some up or not like my color choices. But then they all worked out so why not share! You kicked out a bunch of cards too! Guess its just proof that we really are Maximizers 😄


  3. They look beautiful Karen ! You nailed them ! I love the clean look of the first two batches and the slimline card is so pretty ! The stitching on the stamped flowers is the perfect final touch ! And thank you for your cheerful posts , they always make me smile !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Lounon! And your sweet comments always make me smile!!! I often think my posts are too long and rambling, but knowing I’ll never be craft famous I decided I would write for me and not for anyone else. So it makes me so happy that someone else enjoys it too!!! 💗


  4. Damn, woman! NINE CARDS?!?!?!? I started off thinking that I *might* be able to make 2 for this month, but that soon turned out to be very silly thinking! I wish that I had some simple dies like these (those stars!!) to bang out some fantastic cards like yours. And your blog writing always blows me away, my friend! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, just the fact that someone actually *reads* my posts makes me happy… but to compliment my writing has me over the moon! And your card was so detailed, no wonder you didn’t have time for a 2nd. Mine were all crazy fast once I got into a rhythm and seriously, I spend too much time as a passenger in the car or in waiting rooms at doctor appointments. Be glad you didn’t have time for more!!!


  5. Whoa! Love them all! But my favorite is the stitched thank you one! I love how you were able to repurpose the stamp for stitching!


  6. Hi Karen! So sorry for taking me this long to come back and leave you a comment.. I am always amazed how you manage to make many cards for each hop but this month wow!! They all are so lovely! I need to get that star dies set 😀 I have seen it here in shops but never knew it can be used for stitching! Now all the Christmas ideas start coming 😀 I love how you used all different colored threads. My most favorite card is the last one and I’m glad you managed to use something squirreled away for so long 🙂


    • No worries Bory! I had so much going on this last month that I didn’t even see this til today. We make quite the pair, eh? You should totally get the dies as it was really so relaxing to stitch such a simple shape and it didn’t even stress my eyes out to do! Thanks for the sweet comment!


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