Crafty Goals for 2021

Hello my friends! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have kicked off a great new year in style! And I hope you have recovered from all the festivities and are settling nicely back into your routines.

So many of us reflect at the change of every year, and 2020 had everyone hoping for change in the new year!!! Have you made any resolutions or goals??? What about crafty goals? I have, and thought I’d put them here for the world to see, and to hold me accountable. 😁 Maybe some of these will resonate with you too!!!

Blogging More: I really enjoyed blogging last year and participating with hops, so you will see more of that here in the new year. I have also enjoyed doing DT work, so that will continue through 2021. In 2019 I only posted 32 times in the whole year, but in 2020 that number jumped to 85!!! And I’d love for that # to make another jump in 2021. The more I blog, the more friends I make, which is a win. If I inspire someone along the way, well that would be the frosting on the cupcake!!!

Using My Stash: I’m so very proud of the hop I created last year, Collected Crafty Collabs, where we focused on using things in our stash rather than the latest or greatest stamps or products on the market. Like Justine Hovey, I am tired of trying to keep up and being tempted by so many new releases that I could never use it all. So, the only new products you will be seeing here for awhile are new digi releases for DT work, which I justify as reasonably priced and easy to store, so I’m ok with those. The rest of the year will be me delving deep into my stash and enjoying things I bought and never had a chance to use.

Getting Value for My Purchases: I have given this a lot of thought and think that I should really use a stamp set or die more than once for me to get the $15+ worth of value from it. Ideally, I think 3 uses justifies the purchase. So, when I do break down and buy something new I am *only* doing so if I have 3 different ideas for using the set (not including making multiples of 1 design). Before I place an order, I will either sketch out or describe in writing what my 3 ideas were so that when the set comes in I can keep it with it and not forget my inspiration for the set in the 1-2 weeks it takes to arrive. I also want to review the sets I currently own, try to remember any cards I made using them, and spend the year trying to fulfil that 3 card minimum for each set. That may be 3 cards in 1 go (and post) or 3 times over the course of the year as the set fits a cardmaking need. We’ll see how diligent I can be as the year progresses. I have a Squirrel Sister who might be up for a 3 Cards, 1 Set Challenge, so hopefully that will keep me motivated! (Anna, let’s talk to see how to make this work!!!)

Paper Pad Killing: I will be the first to say that I own more paper pads than any 1 woman should. Twice in 2020 I did posts on killing a paper pad ala Jess Crafts. I have found a group of friends willing to give it a go for their first time ever, and I think when they see how easily it comes together, they will want to do it again. I’m realistic though, this is more likely to be a monthly or quarterly project, and I just need to keep my paper pad purchasing under control until I put a dent in my stash!

Organization: This past year, several of my hop and DT deadlines were in the same week. That week I’d end up eventually cursing and swearing, unable to find a certain ink pad without pulling out 10 others. I’d promise myself that I’d label them before the next deadline week came around, and then I wouldn’t. If biting the bullet 1 day can save me 12+ times of frustrations, why have I not done it yet?!? I own several brands of ink pads, and I want to focus on getting at least the Distress Oxides before the end of January. Maybe my Simon Says Stamp inks in February, and Impression Obsession inks in March, and regular Distress in April. I have some stragglers that aren’t in full sets, so they could be wrapped up in May, and the rest of the year I could enjoy the glory of labeled ink pads. I’m pretty happy with the rest of my organization, though their placement around the room may change a bit to be more efficient. My dies are not near my die cutter, for instance, so I’d like to tweak the room a bit, and sadly new furniture will be the only way I can adjust things. That doesn’t fit into my immediate plans, which I’ll talk about next.

Just Stash January (aka No Spend January): As I mentioned above, I can’t buy it all, and I’ve bought more than 1 woman should. I could craft for the rest of my natural life and not run out of anything but adhesive. Hell, I could craft well into the afterlife (whatever version of it you believe in), nearly for eternity, if there was a way to “take it with you”. My good friend and Squirrel Sister, V of Passions and Distractions, is hosting a Just Stash January party and I want to get creating with my stash to play along. I encourage you to check out THIS POST by V for more details of how you can play along with us!!!

Design Teams: Crafting is therapy, and without it I slide into a funk. Sometimes, I wake up in the funk and would just sit and sulk all day… until I remember I have a deadline, and I go craft… and my mood improves. Dt’s keep me accountable and thus make me craft when I would otherwise spend the day on the internet looking at what other people are making. As much as I enjoy the 2 Challenge DT’s I am on, I would like to add 1 more… 1 that doesn’t require using digis. I have used digis for years, and appreciate the ability to resize, rotate, flip, etc. I have amassed a large number of them and have a good organization for them on my cloud drive. All that said, they are not my go-to when I just want to play with paper. I hate fighting with my printer, and I really hate when I forget its a digi and try to watercolor it and have my ink smear. A couple new unsponsored challenges have sprung up, so maybe I’ll see if they would be a good fit for me and my schedule. Just another way to meet the goals above and get more value for the products I own.

Variety: I find that many of my cards end up looking the same… layers, image, sentiment, sequins. Similar layouts… no real variety. My hop groups really encouraged me to break out of my creative rut and try techniques I hadn’t done before or had forgotten about, or to use supplies I hadn’t reached for in ages. I’ve put together a list of techniques I want to try in the coming year. Hoping I enjoy the variety, produce cards in a wider set of styles, and perhaps find new things I’m good at. And the bonus is that I won’t bore you with the same thing over and over!!!

Whew! That’s a lot to work on, but they have a certain amount of overlap, no? Certainly in 365 days around the sun, I should be able to make a dent in these goals! I’m also really eager to share with you a new project I’m kicking off… details coming on January 20th 😉. Hope you’ll be excited too!!!


8 comments on “Crafty Goals for 2021

  1. I’m with you, chickadee! I’m already participating in V’s Just Stash January and I’m going to try to carry it on throughout the year. Many of your other ideas are interesting and I’m making a list of those I think will work for me. Thanks for inspiring me! 😊


    • Good! Then you can hold me accountable to stick to these things!!! I’ll be curious to hear how you approach your crafty goals. 😎 I think its good to periodically think about what we do, why we do it, and what do we really want to do! Hopefully you’ll post about it!!! Truly interested to see how my ideas made you think about your process and supplies!


  2. These are great goals! Good luck 🙂 I hope to get a bit more regularly videos and posts out but mainly have fun… and more crafty challenges with friends 🙂


  3. I think you choose good and achievable goals ! Just like you, I try to buy only products I can use multiple times. The too specific stamp sets for example wouldn’t be profitable, so I don’t buy them. But I can treat myself with digital products I will only use once or twice as they are more affordable 😉


  4. Good luck, Sister! That’s one heck of a crafty goal list, but I think you can do it and then some! YOU GO, GIRL!!!

    ~Marie 🙂


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