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Halloween Spell Books

Today I would like to share my Halloween mantle decor for this year and talk about the books I made for the vignette. This will be a picture laden post ūüôā

20131017mantle @ MisplacedMojo.com

I really love Halloween and with my son getting older, I wanted to lose the cutesy Halloween decorations in favor of something a bit spookier. ¬†I used several of my husband’s old college textbooks as well as a couple I picked up from Goodwill. ¬† I made 7 books total, but today’s post is just about my favorite 3.

The first is my absolute fav of the bunch.  This old Accounting book was first distressed a bit.  Then with the help of my handy, dandy hot glue gun, I added the ridges on the binding and the spider web on the front.  After the glue cooled, I spray painted the whole thing.  The title on the spine was cut on my Silhouette from silver vinyl and coated with Mod Podge.  I hot glued a plastic spider on the web for the pièce de résistance.

20131029spellsl@Misplaced Mojo     20131029_084206

Next up is a book on the History of Witchcraft. ¬†Again the book was distressed a bit, the edges of the pages inked with Distress Inks to age them. ¬†The title was cut on my Silhouette, but then painted gold. ¬†When I removed the letters, the paint on the surrounding vinyl started to flake onto the cover. ¬†I really liked the look of the flakes so I added them to the cover and Mod Podge’d the whole book. Serendipity!¬†¬†I wish I had used matte Mod Podge to see the shine of the flakes better, but I’m still happy with how it turned out.

20131029historyl @ MisplacedMojo.com20131029_084451

And last but not least is the book on Poisons. ¬†This one was fun to do! ¬†I used one of my husband’s belts that had seen better days, but out the rough parts and used the good parts to seal this dangerous book ūüėČ ¬†Once again the hot glue gun was employed to attach the pieces, but I left it so that you could actually undo the belt and open the book. ¬†The title was cut on the Silhouette… love that font… and crossbones from the Dollar Store was hot glued to the spine. ¬†I thought that was the perfect touch for a book on poisons, don’t you think?!?

20131029poisons @ MisplacedMojo.com20131029_085057

I had a blast making these books. ¬†Some of you may think I’m crazy… or maybe a real witch just posing as a crafter… ¬†but I assure you I’m just a good mom trying to squeeze out a few extra years of special Halloween memories for my son. ¬†Besides… if you think this is crazy, wait until I show you my apothecary jars!!! ¬†*scary witch cackling* ¬†ūüėČ

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